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New Books

The Legalized Crime of Banking by Silas Adams: Brandywine House will be releasing in January 2009 progressive populist Silas Adams's timeless work, which lays bare the banking industry. In just under 200 pages, Adams explains in easy-to-understand terms how a private corporation was handed the power to control credit and debt in America and profit massively by creating money out of thin air. For those who truly want to understand how the 2008 global economic depression has largely come about as a result of the ills of the American system of credit and private banking, pick up a copy of this book today. Edited by Brandywine House editors. Includes detailed glossary section.

Ron Paul Revolution: The Writings and Speeches of Congressman Ron Paul: Brandywine House's release of an all-new, 278-page assembly of some of Dr. Paul’s more significant writings is all the more timely now that Dr. Paul has brought his principles of liberty, equality, small government and privacy to the national arena. The chapter titles illustrate the broad scope of the material appearing within: Big Government Run Amuck, Freedom From Government, Your Health Privacy, Dollars & Debt, Tax Reform, Immigration and Welfare, Constitutional Foreign Policy, Gun Owner Rights, and, finally, War and Peace. Foreword by Charlotte Iserbyt. 350 index entries.

Voice of a Maverick: The Speeches and Writings of Senator Mike Gravel: Senator Mike Gravel stepped into the race for the White House in April 2006, the first of what would be eight Democratic contenders. His message of empowering the American people resonated with his grassroots supporters and made him a powerful and influential voice on the national scene. Voice of a Maverick is the only authorized book  that contains his speeches and writings during his campaign. 100 pages with over 10 pages of photos while on the campaign trail. Also includes over 100 index entries.


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